“An art curator’s life unravels, as she tries lớn keep her pastime as a die-hard K-pop fan hâm mộ secret from her gallery’s new director.” — Netflix

Her Private Life (Netflix và Viki)

Where bởi vì I start with Her Private Life? I thought this was going lớn be a lighthearted K-drama about a K-pop fangirl. In fact, the first episode’s early introduction lớn fangirling had me wondering if this was going khổng lồ be too cheesy for me. Turns out while there are many fun và humorous moments, the depth of HPL’s storylines caught me completely off guard.

**SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched Her Private Life (which I highly recommend) I suggest you wait to lớn read this post because I can’t write about this K-Drama without giving spoilers. The spoilers will definitely impact your viewing experience và it’ll be much more enjoyable if you see it first, then come back to read this post. From here on out you’ve been warned—SPOILERS AHEAD!

I’ve been a tín đồ of Park Min-Young (박 민영) since I first saw her in City Hunter and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim so I was pleasantly surprised lớn find her portraying Seong Deok-Mi, the fangirl trying to lớn hide her love of “One” certain K-Pop idol. I really appreciate the fact Deok-Mi is a multi-dimensional character and not just the stereotypical fangirl most people assume they already know. As an art museum curator with a once-promising future as an artist và a knack for photography—Deok-Mi goes khổng lồ extreme lengths khổng lồ keep her love of phụ vương Si-An, and her tín đồ website, Road to lớn Si-An, a secret. Because how ridiculous would it look for a grown woman to lớn be fanning over an idol? As someone who loves K-dramas và BTS, I can definitely relate lớn Deok-Mi.

Fangirling means you’re happy and blissful just by looking at that person. Looking at the person makes you happy & joyful. You wish for that person to vày well & you like to see them smile. —Seong Deok-Mi, Her Private Life

Honestly, at this stage of the game, I don’t really care what people think of me—but this hasn’t always been the case. As a Korean adoptee growing up pretty much a sole minority in Iowa—the majority of my life has been spent feeling like I don’t fit in. Kids used to lớn ask me if I was Chinese or Japanese & when I’d tell them I was Korean, they hadn’t even heard of Korea. My kids (who are half Korean) have had similar experiences with many of their peers not knowing much about Korea. As singer-songwriters & the folk-pop duo, Chasing Lovely, they’ve been somewhat surprised lớn find Koreans can even sing. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but they question why there have been no prominent Asian American artists in the pop market given what they’re seeing in K-Pop. Who knows how their musical journey may have been impacted—had they not felt so isolated—by having Korean artists in America as role models.

The lack of positive Asian role models in American truyền thông also had me buying into the notion that being Asian isn’t so great because all I had were my own experiences. I was constantly teased for my Asian eyes và nose. I was spoken lớn in a fake Asian accent followed by laughter. Other than the occasional exotic stereotype Asian women are straddled with (which is actually creepy), much of the time Asians are portrayed as a joke in American entertainment productions—certainly not something I would want khổng lồ identify with. I was literally afraid lớn have kids because they would be a mirror image—an Asian reflection I myself was not comfortable with or used lớn seeing in my home, community, or on my TV. When I discovered K-dramas a year ago I could not have been more surprised (and embarrassed by my ignorance) to lớn realize Koreans are multidimensional và attractive. As my youngest has teased me, maybe to lớn some extent I am reliving my teen years, but I’m making up for a lot of lost time. Everything Korean is on-trend these days—K-Pop, K-Dramas, K-Beauty, K-Language, & K-Food—and I for one couldn’t be more pleased. My kids also marvel at this turn of events. So yeah—I’m a fangirl. I guess you could even say this website has turned into my own 한국으로의 길—Road lớn Korea—an ode to my love of discovering everything Korean.

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When Deok-Mi’s quái nhân Ryan Gold learns of her obsession with Si-An he was not only NOT put off by it, he supported her in her passion. Deok-Mi explains to lớn Ryan, “fangirling means you’re happy and blissful just by looking at that person. Looking at the person makes you happy & joyful. You wish for that person to do well and you lượt thích to see them smile.” I don’t know if this is the exact quote, but it is what Viki translated it to lớn be—and I couldn’t agree more. I’m only a year into my K-drama journey, và half that into my appreciation of BTS but I’m doing nothing to lớn keep the fact I am unabashedly a fan of Lee Min-ho, Park Seo-Jun, Hyun Bin, và BTS members Kim Tae-Hyung, Kim Nam-Jun, Park Ji-Min, Jeon Jeong-Guk, Min Yoon-Gi, Jung Ho-Seok, & Kim Seok-Jin. The pure joy they bring khổng lồ my life while long overdue has been at a time we all need something that can put a smile on our faces. I find myself bursting out in laughter, clapping, và even fist-bumping with my kids when they’re watching or listening with me. The latter sometimes involves much use of the rewind button. ㅠㅠ

Romance comedy between a professional art curator, who lives a dual life, và a perfect but prickly head director.

A successful art curator, Duk-mi's a fangirl. She goes to lớn take pictures & faces a critical crisis.




Duk-mi and Ryan pretend to lớn be a couple. Even with his changed attitude, Sindy's doubt still remains.

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After the trip, Ryan is in Duk-mi's mind. Getting tipsy, Duk-mi & Ryan head khổng lồ Ryan's house.
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Hong Jong-chan
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