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As a musician và sound engineer, Stephen Ambrose spent the "70s touring the world with hard rock acts. This led him lớn invent the world"s first in-ear monitor, essentially the progenitor khổng lồ the modern-day earbud. In this True I.D. Story, Ambrose—who went on to commercialize his invention by founding Asius Technologies—reveals why Spinal Tap"s "11" is, in real life, more like a 3.5.

Editor"s Note: This story is primarily paraphrased from a conversation with Stephen Ambrose, & is not comprised of direct quotes. If there are any factual và technical errors here, they are mine, and not Ambrose"s.

As a sound engineer in the 1970s, roadies used to lớn hate me because I"d show up for the tour with 23 flight cases và they all had to lớn be hauled; musicians, especially the hard rock guys I was working with, need lớn hear themselves on stage, và they lượt thích to hear themselves LOUD, the thinking went. So there was a lot of gear.


Aside from the roadies, I had a financial incentive khổng lồ develop an in-ear monitor; if I could make something that fit into your ear & gave you that crucial feedback, then you wouldn"t have to ship 10,000 pounds of speakers all around the world. The air freight on those speakers was pretty expensive.

A lot of had actually developed hearing damage from years of being up on stage, though they"d never admit it. Image, you know. So one challenge in designing my in-ear monitor was that it couldn"t look lượt thích a hearing aid, because no rocker wants lớn look lượt thích he"s wearing a hearing aid—even if he really needs one! So I made them out of gold so that they looked lượt thích jewelry.


I started off testing these things out with the guitarists who are also vocalists, because these guys want/need lớn hear their voices up there. & I was nervous about it, because I was attuned khổng lồ the hard rock mentality of the time; I mean, these hard rock guitarists are like, used to lớn triggering everybody"s Stapedius Reflex (when your ear automatically, protectively "turns down the volume" in response to lớn high-intensity sound stimuli) throughout the entire concert, you know? So when I was making the monitors I was thinking that I have khổng lồ be able to provide all of the volume this guy wants in his ears, so I worked hard at making them capable of going SUPER loud, so that they could really crank it up.


So here"s the thing. While I"m developing these, after this one set the rocker gets off stage and pulls the monitors out of his ears và hands them to lớn me, and we"re discussing something, & I look down at the dial and notice something funny. "Wow, these are set really low," I say, referring to the volume. Well the rocker kind of snatches them back from me, like, huffily, và cranks the volume knob back up.

That"s when I realized—a lot of this is image! Hard rockers want to be perceived as hard rockers regardless of what it"s doing lớn their eardrums. Lớn confirm my suspicious, I decided to lớn try something out. Because I was manufacturing everything—the toàn thân packs, the amps, the monitors—I could strip the numbers off the dials. So I did. In other words, now the user would mix the volume knobs to lớn wherever it was comfortable for them, rather than going by numbers or automatically cranking it up to lớn 10.

In place of the numbers, I left little hidden tick marks that only I"d know to look for, so that I could tell what màn chơi people were actually using these things at.

Well, after I took the numbers off, when I"d take the monitors back from the musicians, I"d see where they were naturally setting them. Most of them were like, below 4! When I noticed this, I"d take the monitors back, in, say, the middle of a session và pretend I needed lớn work on them, & then I"d surreptitiously crank the volume back up và give them back, & by the kết thúc of the session I"d find the musicians had cranked them back down again.


So there"s a big myth as to lớn why this volume has khổng lồ be so loud, & it"s counterintuitive. See, with earbuds, there"s a confusion between acoustic pressures and pneumatic pressures. Using a poorly-designed earbud is lượt thích sealing a piston in your ear, it creates pneumatic pressure—it"s lượt thích a bicycle pump. Và that triggers your acoustic reflex, which is capable of 30 to lớn 50 d
B of attenuation. In other words, it effectively turns the hearing down on someone who"s already hearing impaired and wants to listen lớn rock và roll. That"s silly!

So of course we fixed that over time. With our current kiến thiết you can listen with 1/10th the power and yet it sounds much louder. & better. Because the monitor"s frequency response is no longer being damped by the eardrum. So we fixed that. But the story is that with good design, people listen to in-ear monitors on stage much, much lower than the levels they cranked traditional monitors up to.


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