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A Successful fan hâm mộ of Lee Kwang-Soo, Lee Sun-Bin Is Confirmed to lớn Be Dating the Star!

If you are a fan of Running Man, you must’ve known that the Asia Prince, Lee Kwang-Soo, is often paired with pretty girls on the show and flirts with them. Especially, on episode 319, Lee Kwang-Soo met Lee Sun-Bin for the first time when she guested on the show, & later, the actress admitted that Lee Kwang-Soo is her ideal type. For this, they got teased & got paired as a couple. It was revealed that they became friends after filming that episode together, & recently, in December 2018, their agency announced their lãng mạn relationship! If you’re curious about their story, keep on scrolling!

Lee Kwang-Soo & Lee Sun-Bin Are Confirmed to Be Dating Each Other Happily!

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First of all, congratulation lớn the lovebirds! Previously on December 31st, 2018, Lee Kwang-Soo’s agency ‘Kingkong by Starship’ confirmed that he and 24-year-old actress Lee Sun-Bin have been dating for around five months. “They first became close colleagues through the show Running Man before their relationship evolved into a thắm thiết relationship,” said the agency. Shortly after, Lee Sun-Bin’s agency, too, admitted the actress’ relationship with Lee Kwang-Soo.

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According to the initial report, the two didn’t try to lớn hide their affection khổng lồ each other in front of their close family & friends. And the happy couple is ‘currently accompanying each other to lớn gatherings và introducing each other as their significant others’. “Lee Kwang Soo openly carried on the relationship by introducing Lee Sun Bin as his girlfriend khổng lồ his close friends Jo In Sung, D.O., Lim Joo Hwan, and Kim Ki Bang. The two spend time with close friends when meeting outside & hang out at Lee Kwang Soo’s house when having a date of their own”.

Previously, Lee Sun-Bin, who is nine years younger than Lee Kwang-Soo, had indicated that he is her ideal type during the episode of MBC’s “Radio Star” which aired back on August 31st, 2016. Also on the October 4th, 2016, during “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School” radio broadcast, she said that she wanted to lớn marry Lee Kwang-Soo. “Lee Kwang Soo is so fun và refreshing, & I hear that in real life, he’s taciturn. I really lượt thích that image and am a sincere fan. I thought that someone like that would be close to an ideal type in real life. Now that I’m saying this aloud, it seems like I’m not being that sincere, but I am sincerely his fan”.

Their thắm thiết Moments on Running Man


The two first met in September năm nhâm thìn when they were filming the SBS TV program Running Man, on which Lee Kwang-Soo is a regular cast member meanwhile Lee Sun-Bin was a guest. Lee Sun-Bin appeared on the 319th episode of Running Man as one of the three female celebrities who declared Lee Kwang-Soo as her ideal type. Và during their ‘date’ on the show, Kwangsoo had also expressed interest in Sunbin and even jokingly said they would get married in a week.

Lee Kwang-Soo was vocal about his admiration for the actress and showed his true feelings during the broadcast. Who knows that after 2 years, they ended up being together in real life? Here are some dễ thương moments between them on the show you should know!

They met up at an arcade where they both at first sit và talk. Lee Sun-Bin even found the name initials of tuy nhiên Ji-Eun on Lee Kwang-Soo’s nail and asked him how many girls he met before her. Lee Kwang-Soo asked her about what kind of men she likes, và Sunbin said, “YOU!”. Lee Kwang-Soo became very shy.

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Kwangsoo prepared a lie detector machine to test her sincerity. Before they used the machine, Kwangsoo asked Sunbin, “Your ideal type of guy is truly Lee Kwang-Soo?” and she answered yes with no hesitation. However, the machine said that she was lying. What made us funny was, she struggled lớn endure the machine’s electronic attack và pretended not khổng lồ get pain from the machine. Seeing this, Kwangsoo disappointed the result & he begged staffs lớn try it again. The second attempt registers her answer as another lie, which is when Sunbin bursts laughing insisting that she really does lượt thích Kwangsoo. They both blame the lie detector toy on the false negative. To this, Sunbin kept revealed her heart was true but Kwangsoo lost his words for a while. (video here)

Also during the date, Lee Kwang-Soo punched a dummy boxer, which Sunbin found very funny. Later Lee Kwang-Soo taught Sunbin how to shoot, và after learning that, she shot right on the aim. Another moment was when Kwangsoo arrives to lớn find that filming has already wrapped. All that’s left is his other shoe. In order khổng lồ leave the viewers with a shocking twist, Kwangsoo reveals, “We’ve decided to date! We’ll make our wedding announcement next week!” (video here)


Evidently, the pair couldn’t just let things slide after filming was done. They went on khổng lồ become close friends before taking their relationship to lớn the next level. Their on-screen romance turned real và now they’re true lovers. Even Lee Kwang-Soo himself has been introducing Lee Sun-Bin as ‘my girlfriend’ during social events.