Marshall Eriksen spends most of How I Met Your Mother season 9 away from the rest of the group. Here is the reason behind Marshall"s extended absence.

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How I Met Your Mother season 9 keeps Marshall Eriksen away from the rest of the group for most of its episodes, và there is a good reason as lớn why he is off on his own adventure for so long. How I Met Your Mother season 9 brings the long-awaited meeting of Ted Mosby và "The Mother", Tracy McConnell. The season has the gang making their way khổng lồ Farhampton to celebrate the shocking sự kiện of Barney Stinson và Robin Scherbatsky's wedding, và running into plenty of delays along the way.

Marshall Eriksen runs into significant delays while trying to make it lớn Farhampton. Because of this, much of his part in HIMYM season 9 is spent on a road trip with a companion, Daphne, as they both try và make it back khổng lồ New York. Marshall's scenes in season 9 are almost entirely spent in a car, contemplating his decision to lớn become a judge & phoning into conversations with the rest of the How I Met Your Mother gang.

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The explanation for this part of How I Met Your Mother season 9 comes from Jason Segel's real life. Reportedly, the actor did not want to lớn return to the final season of How I Met Your Mother, as Jason Segel wanted to focus on other projects. However, a giảm giá was worked out behind the scenes that kept Jason Segel in HIMYM in order to lớn see Marshall Eriksen's story resolved. This khuyến mãi seemingly let Segel film more on his own schedule, allowing him lớn pursue other projects at the same time. This scheduling freedom seems khổng lồ have come hand in hand with changes to lớn the script that kept Marshall on his own & not dependent on scenes with the rest of the main cast. Unfortunately, the revised storyline meant much less screen time for Marshall Eriksen in HIMYM season 9 & very little interaction with the rest of the group, but was a worthy compromise to keep Jason Segel's character around through the finale.


Since How I Met Your Mother's conclusion, Jason Segel has seemingly changed his outlook on participating in the show. According lớn the show's director, Pamela Fryman, Jason Segel is keen for more HIMYM và wants the show lớn come back for season 10. Even if this proves not possible, Segel's eagerness khổng lồ return khổng lồ the series fuels speculation & excitement for a possible Marshall Eriksen appearance in How I Met Your Father season 2. With the first season of the reboot already having some shocking How I Met Your Mother cameos, it would be easy for Marshall Eriksen to swing by MacLaren's pub one more time.

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Marshall was unfortunately away from the rest of the gang for most of How I Met Your Mother season 9 due lớn Jason Segel's scheduling deal, but this decision was still better than not having him there at all. Having Marshall Eriksen not be in the HIMYM finale would have been a jarring move, và ultimately keeping the character in the ending allows for an easier potential return to the series, be it in cameo khung or otherwise. With Jason Segel's excitement khổng lồ return, viewers can remain hopeful that Marshall rejoins the franchise, either via How I Met Your Mother season 10, or in the các mục of surprise HIMYM cameos on How I Met Your Father.